All of our programs are non-competitive and full of fun games, and drills. We focus strongly on game play, building skills, and developing team and social behaviors.

Each team is kept small so that our coaches can spend quality time with each player, and everyone gets plenty of practice. 

Coaches begin all sessions with stretches and warm ups, and then work into skill drills, and combining skills with fun games. After each practice we try to play a mini-game with another team within our league.

Locations:  We currently offer both Littleton and Aurora locations, and announce the address of practice with each current session as they do vary within the Littleton and Aurora areas.

Investment: Prices do vary between sports and age groups, but are always listed with the Current Season Information when a new session or season is announced.

Parents are asked to bring a mitt for their child, and each children should wear tennis shoes and team shirts.

Each player receives a team shirt, and a gift at the end of the season.

Age groups: All our activities and sports are separated into three age groups. To learn more about each group, please visit our Parent Page

Additional Information: Parents should remember that inside or not, Colorado weather is subject to change and should always dress kids appropriately including bringing light jackets or sunblock along. In the case of disruptive weather, parents will be notified via email for any cancellation of practice.


This is a very basic T-ball featuring lots of games and fun activities for children walking age through 5 year-olds

Small teams, so space is limited

Location:     Aurora 80013 
Prices & Info:    6 weeks Saturdays ONLY   June 3 - July 8, 2017
Lil’ Dippers:  Walking age – 2 yrs old   
For all children walking through 2 years old, we work on sharing,
listen to a coach and start learning the basics of the sport.
30 minute class $50.00   (9:00-9:30am)

Star Lights: 3 yr olds
The 3 years old class is for children just beginning to play sports without mom and / or dad directly involved.   Parents are always welcome to help the team
45 minute class $65.00 (9:15-10:00)

Shooting Stars:  4 & 5 yr old
This group focuses more on the rules and fundamentals of the sport and working towards playing on school and other local program teams.
45 minute class $65.00 (9:15-10:00