Thursday, January 5, 2017

Look what I found written by a past LAS parent. Thank you

For many families, sports play a large role in weekly activities. "Soccer Moms" spend many hours driving their kiddo's to and from practices and cheering them on. I have always wanted to be that mom. I waited, though, until I found an appropriate environment for my son. Lil' All-stars has everything I was looking for. It is geared towards the younger age groups (even parent/tot practices), it is reasonably priced, and it offers a little of everything. It is perfect.
I had such high hopes, and such wonderful visions of how my son's first experience with soccer would go. He had been talking about his "number three ball, just like he is three" for the whole week. He proudly carried that ball and practiced kicking it. The night before his first practice we picked out what shorts he wanted to wear and got his new shoes.
But then Murphy's law decided to pay us a visit, and that night he didn't sleep well (nor did mommy). The next morning we woke to drizzle and cold. All of us were tired, and my son was a little bothered he didn't get to wear the outfit he picked. When we first got to the field, he ran around crazy with all the little kids, kicking his ball and having a great time. But then it was time to get organized. And things went downhill.
My son started crying, saying he didn't want to play. But he didn't want to go home. But he didn't want to play. It was a circle. We hugged, we rationalized, and then ultimately we got frustrated. And a bit overwhelmed, and quite honestly a bit embarrassed. Not by my son....but by the way I was unable to help the situation. I felt like a horrible mommy. I was ready to throw in the towel and just go.
Thankfully, I didn't have to. We may not have known what we were doing, but thankfully Coach Cesaria stepped in. Knowing I was making matters worse, I just let them be. And she was wonderful. She was kind and patient, and tried different tactics until she got my little man on the field. His frown was soon full-blown giggles as he kicked his ball with the other little ones.
As a mom, this was really important to me. Some places would have probably preferred I take my crying child home. But they didn't want him to go. They wanted to see him have fun. And looking around at the other coaches and teams, there was obviously a lot of patience and caring. And what was also touching was the fact that instead of "looks" that parents often get, we found understanding and assistance from the coaches. We can't all be model parents all the time, and sometimes circumstances just cause us to be at the end of our rope.
There is no question that sports provide many wonderful teaching moments for our children. Teamwork, skills, following directions, socialization and listening are only a few. But sports also offer the parents some teaching moments as well, if we are willing to notice them. It is important to find the perfect environment and teachers for both your child and you to learn these lessons. Because trust me, being a soccer mom isn't always as easy as you think it will be!