Sunday, September 7, 2014

Basketball time is almost here.

We are now taking Basketball registrations. 



Come join us and learn Basketball skills, rules and team work. This is a very basic Program featuring lots of games and fun activities for Children Walking to 6 Years old.


Teams are small so space is limited.

The goal at Lil’ All Stars is to make sports and athletic activities as enjoyable as possible for your child.  At Lil’ All Stars we teach basic skills and the fundamentals in each sport we offer.  Many children learn better when they see their parents excited about what they are learning.  Parents are encouraged to participate as much or as little as they want.

Dalton Elementary School
17401 E Dartmouth Ave Aurora, CO 80013

Prices & Info:

7 weeks
October 25-
December 13, 2014
(no practice Nov 15)
Lil’ Dippers:
Walking age – 2 yrs old
30 minute class $55.00
9:00-9:30 am (30 minutes)
**Limited space**
Star Lights: 3 & 4 and
Shooting Stars: 5 & 6 yr olds
(They will be on different teams)
45 minute class $75.00
9:40-10:25 am (45 minutes)
**There will only be 10-12 kids per team and only 4 teams this season.

***All prices include team shirts and an award at the end of the season.

Age Groups:
Lil’ Dippers:
Walking age – 2 yr old
For all children walking through 2 years old, we learn to share,
 listen to a coach and start learning the basics of the sport.
Star Lights: 3-4 yr old
The 3-4 years old class is for children just beginning to play sports without mom and / or dad directly involved.
Parents are always
welcome to help the team.
Shooting Stars:
 5 & 6 yr old
This group focuses more on the rules and fundamentals of the sport and working towards playing on school and other local program teams.

All of our programs are taught by parent volunteer coaches. 
Lil’ All Stars was created to strengthen the family relationship through sports.
No experience is necessary, and any parent is welcome to contact me about coaching. If you coach, your child gets 50% off their registration fee.

To Register-
Or call 720-232-6997