Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A letter from Coach Cesaria

Hello Everyone,

There is a lot in store for Lil' All Stars in the year 2013! We are seeing growth and are excited to share the news with you.

Lil’ All Stars has opened a new location in Littleton.  We are happy to introduce Kelsey.  She will be helping to make sure Lil’ All Stars Littleton is a success and serves the Littleton’s population needs.

We have a new position within Lil’ All Stars.  We are happy to introduce Angie.  She will make sure we are continuously improving based on your feedback surveys.  She will take care of coaching applications and provide feedback to the coaches. Angie will work to make Lil’ All Stars continue to grow by working on daily operations.

We are still offering Scholarships through Scentsy. You simply need to contact Celeta and get a basket from her.  Take the basket to work, a picnic, or an outing with friends.  People can pick what they want to buy and the money will go into a scholarship for your child or another child.

We are getting a lot of new interest for coaching, so we have improved the process with an on-line application.  We do not require coaching experience but we do require that you enjoy being with kids.  You must be willing to attend one coaching class to be eligible for the position.  Applications are received by Angie and myself and once they are reviewed, coaches will then be placed in appropriate teams.

We look forward to working with you in 2013 and are excited to see you all very soon!

Coach Cesaria